Reach Out in 2022

January 11, 2022

by Dave Ciaccio, Board Chair

A new year brings many hopes, concerns, wishes, and worries. We set goals and vow to do better. We resolve to lose those extra pounds or make some extra money. We think a lot about ourselves.

But what if we also commit to one of the 16,000 Nebraskans carrying the weight of Parkinson’s? What if we made a resolution to support them in some small way?

Over the holiday, I was reminded that simply reaching out can help someone. It doesn’t take a big gesture to help someone feel special or heard. The simple act of picking up the phone can be enough. It can help them feel just a little better, and make their day a little brighter and their pain a little more bearable. And that feeling reverberates through everyone around them. It’s contagious.

So, on top of all the promises and goals we set to improve ourselves in 2022, I’d like to challenge you to make one that is as important as any other. And that’s to make time for a person with Parkinson’s. To simply ask how they’re doing. To just reach out.