August 6, 2021

by Dave Ciaccio, Board Chair

We’ve all heard while leading this life with Parkinson’s, that everything we do must be mindful and purposeful. That it must be done with intent.

Todd & Sue, two of my pickleball partners, often remind me on the court that every shot needs to be played with intent to be effective. Too often my mind wanders and I find myself a spectator to the moment.

This idea of doing everything with intent becomes incrementally more important as our Parkinson’s silently progresses. The other day I found myself as ‘a spectator in the moment’ of everyday life, which could have put me on the injured list.

I was sitting at a high counter chair and while trying to rotate and step down too quickly, my foot got caught in the chair leg and I went to the floor. No injury, but I certainly didn’t stick the landing either. As I thought about what had happened it was clear: I was not moving with thoughtful intention.

Lesson learned.

Today, whether I’m going down the stairs, working in the garage, or just taking a walk, I’m trying to be more mindful of doing it all with more purpose and intent.

Who knows, maybe by doing so my pickleball play will improve as well.