Community Outreach

What is the Parkinson’s Nebraska Community Outreach Program? 

The Community Outreach Program was created in response to the specific needs of Nebraska communities. The purpose of the program is to actively engage with communities in a way that promotes community-building, expands programming based on local needs, and empowers local leaders to create lasting change. Centered around creating meaningful relationships, the Community Outreach Program focuses on strengthening each community by connecting people with Parkinson’s to each other, to local resources and leaders, and to the statewide Parkinson’s network. 

Local Community Action Committee 

The most crucial part of the Community Outreach Program is the development of the local community action committee (LCAC). The LCAC is a group of motivated professionals and community members who take on a leadership role in the local community. Through the Community Outreach Program, the LCAC will be provided with the tools and resources to strengthen their local on an ongoing basis. With guidance from Parkinson’s Nebraska, the LCAC has the opportunity to design a program to meet an identified need and receive a grant up to $500 to support the program.

Community Benefits

Through the program, the target community will receive: 

◾ A Parkinson’s community needs assessment
◾ A guided discussion with local community leaders
◾ Access to technology and wellness services, if needed
◾ Professional consultations
◾ Up to $500 to support a Parkinson’s program or project identified by the LCAC
◾ Ongoing communication and support from Parkinson’s Nebraska 

Pilot Program

The pilot RCO program is currently underway in Norfolk, NE. We are really excited about the outcomes so far and can’t wait to bring the program to communities across the state. 

Stay tuned for updates!

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