2019 Impact

January 2, 2020

Thank you for a great year!

Our biggest highlight of the year was the Delay the Disease training in July. Since July, the training has impacted:

  • 55 professionals certified
  • 23 specialized exercise classes
  • 13 therapy providers
  • 18 communities across Nebraska
  • a new support group in Beatrice
  • Statewide connections

Other ways we have impacted the community:

  • We have sponsored over 450 Parkinson’s exercise class in the Omaha metro area
  • We gave 9 educational presentations in Omaha and rural communities across Nebraska, educating and spreading awareness to over 230 people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers.
  • We participated in 12 community events
  • We engaged with over 2,000 Nebraskans
  • We hosted 12 support groups, connecting the community and providing resources

Some other things we have been working on to increase our ability to serve the community:

  • Regularly updated website
  • Online Resource Directory with the most current listing of Parkinson’s resources in Nebraska
  • Online Community Calendar where people can search for services by city
  • Growing monthly newsletter to engage with people across the state

Please join us as we build on our momentum and continuing to expand services, engage with the Parkinson’s community, and foster our new statewide relationships in the upcoming year.