Tool Kit

Welcome to the Walk the State Challenge Tool Kit!

Thank you for taking on the challenge to exercise, walk, cycle, or run 455 miles – the distance across Nebraska! The purpose of the Walk the State campaign is to raise money to increase access to resources in rural communities and bring awareness to the benefits of exercise for Parkinson’s disease. As a campaigner, we are asking you to raise money and help us spread awareness by to sharing the campaign with your friends and family. 

We want to help you be successful and are creating a Tool Kit for you, including email templates, social media content, media templates, graphics, and more. 

Event Information

       Walk the State flyer

       Walk the State Overview

Parkinson’s Information

       What is Parkinson’s Disease? flyer

       Exercise and PD flyer

Creating a successful fundraising page

       How To Create A Personal Fundraising Page

       Storytelling Should Fuel All Your Fundraising


       Parkinson’s Nebraska logo (with white background)

       Parkinson’s Nebraska logo (with no background)

       Walk the State event logo (with white background)

       Walk the State event logo (with no background)

       Save the date graphic

       Walk the State graphic

       #WalktheState hashtag graphic

       Ask Me Why I Walk the State graphic

       I Support the Parkinson’s Community graphic

       Walk the State gif

       #WalktheState hashtag gif

Promotional Timeline

       Promotional Calendar

       Week-by-week Timeline

Email Templates

       Join my team – Member request

       Save the Date 

       Why I am participating

       One month away

       Why exercise?

       The challenge starts tomorrow

       Half-way through      

       Last call

Social Media Content

       Social media post templates

Media Templates

       Press release

       Radio PSA

      Recorded PSA