Support Group Resources

June 3, 2021

Support groups are an important part of living well with Parkinson’s. They provide an opportunity for people with Parkinson’s to meet with others for support, share knowledge, and learn coping skills from one another. Support groups also help overcome the isolation and depression of Parkinson’s through friendships and social connections.  

There are several types of support groups to meet the various needs of members of the Parkinson’s community. Some groups provide support to people with Parkinson while others focus on  

  • Care partners 
  • Family members  
  • Young-onset Parkinson’s Disease  
  • Women with PD  

They can meet monthly or quarterly, in-person or virtually, at a church or at a restaurant. Some secure an educational speaker each month, some socialize, and some make time for both. Support groups can be designed to fit the needs of each community and leader. 

Across Nebraska, groups meet each month to bring hope to people with Parkinson’s and their families. Some areas of the state have less access to support groups. According to the Parkinson’s Disease Needs Assessment of Nebraska, there are significantly fewer groups in Central and Western NE part of the state:  

 Western NE Central NE Eastern NE 
Parkinson’s support groups 19 
2021 Parkinson’s Disease Needs Assessment of Nebraska

 You can help increase services by facilitating a Parkinson’s support group! Parkinson’s Nebraska is here to help. We have community grants available to help develop support groups across the state.  

  • Parkinson’s Nebraska Community Grants 
    Parkinson’s Nebraska has grant funding available for programs such as support groups. We provide funding for marketing materials, educational resources, snacks, trainings, and other group costs. Learn more about our grants and the programs we fund here.  

It takes time and dedication to lead a successful group. Luckily, there are many resources to help you start and manage a group that can truly impact lives. Below are some of our favorites: 

  • Every Victory Counts Manual 
    This manual from the Davis Phinney Foundation provides essential information and inspiration to live well with Parkinson’s. It features numerous interviews, podcasts, expert opinions, and more on a variety of topics. Some facilitators use this book to guide the topics they talk about and the information they share with the group.  
    You can download the free Every Victory Counts manual here.   
  • Parkinson’s Foundation Support Group Guide 
    This guide serves as a manual for starting and maintaining a Parkinson’s support group. It provides in-depth information on starting a group, setting up the first meeting, topic ideas, maintain the group, specialty groups, and much more. 
    You can view the free Parkinson’s Foundation Support Group Guide here.  
  • In Sync Support Group Leader Program 
    This program provides specific trainings for support group leaders online, through Zoom, through a support group leader newsletter, and by providing other resources. The best way to learn about PMD Alliance In Sync resources is to sign up for their newsletter and “opt-in” to the Support Group Leaders list by checking the box at the bottom of the subscribe page. 
    You can subscribe to the In Sync Support Group Leader Newsletter here 

There are many other resources available to help you get a support group started in your community. We are happy to chat on the phone to brainstorm ideas or answer any questions you have. Please let us know how we can help!  

Contact Amber for more information at or 402-210-1419.