What Do You Like Best About Your Parkinson’s?

July 2, 2021

by Dave Ciaccio, Board Chair

I once read that ‘knowing the right answers will help you in school’ but ‘knowing how to question will help you in life’. If this is the case, my 10 year old grandson is headed for a very interesting life. As you all know, my thing with our Parkinson’s Disease is tirelessly trying to remain positive. Over Memorial Day weekend I was lacking that golden positivity. My son and his children came to visit from Kansas City, and being that they have five children under ten years old, there was no more time to discern my low positivity rating.   

At one of the many meal times, I noticed that 10 year old Maddie was watching my hand tremor. After a few minutes she asked: “Grandpa Dave, do you take medicine for your Parkinson’s?”  Easy question. I said “yes, I do Maddie”. End of that discussion. However, that question was followed up by I0 year old (twin) Isaac’s question: “Grandpa Dave, what do you like best about your Parkinson’s?” Not an easy question. After a minute of thought, I said “there are a lot of things I like best, Isaac. The ones I like the best are the new friends I have made, a chance to help others with their Parkinson’s and eating healthier”.  

I spent the rest of the weekend positively seeking more items to answer Isaac’s question that I now ask you… 

“What do YOU like best about Parkinson’s?”