The GIVE65 event is almost over!

July 17, 2020

The GIVE65 Event is almost over. But it’s not too late – you can still make a gift and support the Parkinson’s community until 10:00 pm!

Your donation will help support our new Rural Community Outreach program that was designed to meet the specific needs of rural Parkinson’s communities. Through the program, the target community will receive:

  • A Parkinson’s community needs assessment
  • Personalized, technical assistance available to access online programs – if needed
  • A unique community presentation based on local needs and resources
  • A 1-2 week online wellness program that introduces a variety of Parkinson’s programs
  • The development of a LCAC
  • Up to $500 to support a Parkinson’s program or project identified by the LCAC
  • Ongoing communication and support from Parkinson’s Nebraska 

It is because of our generous donors and supporters that we are able to continue impacting lives across Nebraska. Thank you for your trust and support!