Parkinson’s Awareness Month Week 4

April 28, 2021

April 19-25 Mental Health, Nutrition, and Complementary Therapies

Mental Health

Mental health impacts everyone and our quality of life. For people with Parkinson’s, it is especially important to understand how PD affects mental health. Many people with Parkinson’s experience non-motor symptoms that impacts mental health, like anxiety and depression.

Substantial Matters: Managing Anxiety with PD
Substantial Matters: Episode 82: Neuropsychological Evaluations for PD

Mood: A Mind Guide to Parkinson’s Disease
The Parkinson’s Foundation book Mood: A Mind Guide to Parkinson’s Disease “explains what mood changes can happen in Parkinson’s disease, why people with Parkinson’s might experience these changes and how to cope with them”. It is available on PDF by clicking the here.


Medication, Protein, and Parkinson’sDavis Phinney Foundation
Diet & Nutrition– Parkinson’s Foundation

Eating Well with Parkinson’s DiseaseThe Michael J Fox Foundation
Optimal Nutrition for Living with Parkinson’s Disease– Parkinson Voice Project
Ask the MD: What’s the Best Diet for Parkinson’s?The Michael J Fox Foundation

Podcast Episode 100: Nutrition Advice – Part 2
Podcast Episode 99: Nutrition Advice – Part 1

The Davis Phinney Foundation Series on Nutrition and Parkinson’s
The Most Important Fact to Know About Parkinson’s Nutrition
The 17 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Parkinson’s Nutrition
How to Experiment with Your Nutrition While Living with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s Disease and Diet: A Practical Guide
The Michael J Fox Foundation Parkinson’s Disease and Diet: A Practical Guide provides information on how diet affects Parkinson’s disease and practical ways to encourage a practical diet. Read the PDF guide here.

Brian Grant Foundation Nutrition Resources
They love food at the Brian Grant Foundation! They have education, recipes, cooking videos and more on their website.
Parkinson’s Nutrition Overview
Cooking and Eating Tips
Cooking Videos
Meet the Chefs
Publications and Resources

Complementary Therapies

There is a variety of holistic and complementary therapies for Parkinson’s, which can support or complement traditional medication. They include herbal supplements, to art & music therapy, to acupuncture. We have compiled some resources from our most trusted partners about Parkinson’s complementary therapies.  

Herbs and Supplements
Latest Research of Food and Supplements for Parkinson’s– American Parkinson’s Disease Association
Over the Counter and Complementary TherapiesParkinson’s Foundation

Art and Music Therapy as Complementary Therapies
Art Therapy for People with Parkinson’sDavis Phinney Foundation
Feel the Rhythm: Music Therapy and Parkinson’s DiseaseParkinson’s Foundation

Acupuncture and Massage
Ask the MD: Acupuncture and Parkinson’sMichael J Fox Foundation
The Use of Acupuncture and Massage for Parkinson’s DiseaseAmerican Parkinson’s Disease Association