Maintaining Movements for Big Results

March 1, 2019

Nate Hall from Style Fitness and Nutrition in Omaha, Nebraska is an inspiring example of the passion people have for helping the Parkinson’s community. His journey with Parkinson’s began with his father’s diagnosis. After his father began to experience symptoms, he was inspired to develop a program that challenged patients to use their minds and control their body to help slow the side effects of Parkinson’s.

The class has grown steadily since it began. He expects 10 people in his next class. His class provides more than physical benefits. It provides comradery and support that you can only get from people going through the same experience. On February 28th, WOWT did the following story on Nate’s Maintaining Movements with Parkinson’s Disease class.

Parkinson’s Nebraska is proud to support Nate and the Maintaining Movements for Parkinson’s class. Earlier this week, Parkinson’s Nebraska approved a $563.20 grant for Nate’s class to go towards new equipment including versa tubes, sparring gloves, and an agility ladder. We look forward to partnering with Nate to help create a bigger impact in the Parkinson’s community. Below is more information on the Maintaining Movements for Parkinson’s class:

Maintaining Movements with Nate
Style Fitness and Nutrition
15117 Industrial Rd.
Every other Friday @ 5 p.m.– next class: 3/8/19
Cost: FREE
Contact Name: Nate Hall
Phone: 402-719-7853

The next class will be held at Style Fitness and Nutrition on Friday, March 8th at 5:00 pm. The class is currently offered every other Friday, but Nate is working with Parkinson’s Nebraska to expand the number of classes offered. Contact Nate at 402-719-7853 or