2021 Parkinson’s Nebraska Dance for Parkinson’s Series

April 30, 2021

We partnered with Ruth Davidson Hahn & Company to bring you the Parkinson’s Nebraska, 2021 Dance for Parkinson’s Series.

Join Ruth Davidson Hahn & Company from your homes and have fun with the new Dance for Parkinson’s 2021 Series. There are five 30-minute classes, each with a different focus. In Dance for Parkinson’s you’ll enjoy doing dance based activities to music with Ruth, Sara and Vanessa. Together you will explore elements of different dance forms that spark the aesthetic imagination. Music energizes, enriches and empowers the movement. Welcome to a class that is rigorous, creative, and based in the Arts.

Dance for Parkinson’s utilizes the power of dance, music and creativity to improve mobility and quality of life. Dance for PD® is an internationally acclaimed method in which participants explore movement and music in ways that are enjoyable, mentally stimulating, and creative. There is no bad dancing in this class. No dance experience is required. The class is a comfortable pace. All levels of mobility are welcome.

These classes are taught by Ruth Davidson Hahn, professional choreographer, dancer, teacher and Stanley J. Wertheimer Fellow specially trained in the Dance for PD® method. 

Class 1
Feel Good Seated Class
(Ascending From Chair Option Offered)
Featured Fantasy Dance – Wish Upon a Star

Class 2
Jazz Theme Seated Class Featured Jazz Dance
Cool (from West Side Story)

Class 3
Jazz Theme Standing Class (With Seated Options) Featured Jazz Dance – Cool (from West Side Story)

Class 4
Ragtime Theme
Seated or Standing Class
Featured Character Dance – Ta-dah! á la Charlie Chaplin

Class 5
Fun Challenge Class
Featured Character Dance – Fortune Teller
Ascending and Descending From Chair Option