Ted and Ryan made it to Valentine!

September 13, 2020

Ted left Omaha on Saturday, September 5th for an 8-day bike ride from Omaha to Valentine, NE. He stopped in towns along his 351-mile path, including Norfolk where he was on the radio and met with the community at Fountain Point Medical Community. From there he took the Cowboy Trail west to Valentine, making great time despite some weather challenges.

Ryan was joined by two of his friends on their journey from Scottsbluff to Valentine. Even with the wind in their face and sore bodies, they still made it 300 miles each (that’s 900 miles total!) to meet up with Ted.

Ted and Ryan met up with each other in Valentine, NE on Sunday, September 13th- tying the state together from east to west. They were able to join us from a beautiful bridge in Valentine to check-in during the Walk the State Virtual Event.

During the event, Ryan shared some of his thoughts during a challenging part of the ride.

“For Parkinson’s patients, their brain tells them they want to do one thing and their body doesn’t always let them. And that absolutely happened to me yesterday. I wanted to make it and my body just failed me. It’s a humbling experience to know a small piece of what that might be like sometimes.”

Ted quickly agreed saying, “That’s what kept me going sometimes.”

Thank you again to H&H Chevrolet for sponsoring Ryan’s ride and Heritage Communities for sponsoring Ted’s ride. This trip would not have been possible without our amazing sponsors!