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Exercise is a vital component to maintain balance, mobility, and activities of daily living. Studies show exercise and physical activity can even help improve Parkinson’s Disease symptoms. These classes are geared toward helping you maintain mobility, strength and balance throughout various stages of Parkinson’s disease. Please click on your city to find exercise classes near you.

Support Groups

There’s no doubt Parkinson’s disease is a journey. And your path is unlike anyone else’s. But you can find comfort and learn how to live a full life by gaining information and witnessing the experiences of others.

Learn from others. Share your experiences. Realize you’re not alone. Joining a support group will give you a sense of collaboration and comfort that can help make life a little easier.


Therapy is an important component in the management of Parkinson’s Disease.

Physical Therapy can help compensate for the changes that occur with PD. Physical therapists help can help patients maintain an active life, ease of movement, and independence.

Occupational Therapy can help patients stay active and independent in daily life. An occupational therapist can help teach skills so that everyday activities are easier to perform.

Speech Therapy can help with difficulty talking and swallowing due to the weakening of the voice box, throat, roof of the mouth, tongue, and lips. Speech therapists help PD patients maintain as many communication skills as possible.

Housing and Management

The task of moving and managing a household can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are services focused on helping patients navigate to find the best option. These resources can help with:

  • Housing options: independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing
  • Application Process
  • Financial Services
  • Technology Services

In-Home Health Care

In-home health care encompasses everything from light housework to skilled nursing. The available services are skilled nursing, physical, occupation, and speech therapy, home health aide, and companion care provided in the patient’s home. Patients can receive ongoing, quality health care from the comfort of their own home surrounded by friends and family.