Health and Wellness

Being proactive in your journey with Parkinson’s can have a great affect on your abilities. Your diet, exercise regime and overall focus on wellness will help keep your life in motion. And we’re here to help with classes and information geared toward you.

Working with a healthcare provider familiar with Parkinson’s disease to help determine the right foods, timing of meals and quantities can help you make sure you’re feeling good and getting the most benefit from your medications. Parkinson’s Nebraska can help you connect with a provider in your area.

To support your balance and mobility, regular physical exercise is a must. Choose movements and exercises that support flexibility, strength training and aerobic activity.  Your options vary greatly and include running, biking, tai chi, dance, pilates, boxing and more. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a library of videos that address exercise for individuals living with Parkinson’s.

Find a Clinical Trial  (Type “Parkinson’s AND Location (ex. Omaha) into search box.  Seek studies that are in the “recruiting” phase.)

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